Lightweight System

The HERGA-Lightweight system is an End Of Arm Tool (EOAT) for a variety of gripping and vacuum-based pick-and-place operations. Due to the possibility of using vacuum and pneumatic grippers, a wide range of applications is given.

Suction cup

Thanks to the countless customization options, the HERGA-Lightweight System can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. Thus, almost all parts of the HERGA -Lightweight System can be combined with the basic set of the lightweight system. For further information have a look at our catalog of individual parts.


Due to the modular construction system and the 3-dimensional adjustment possibility of the suction cups, the HERGA-Lightweight System is particularly suitable for gripping 3D-freeform surfaces. Due to the included software, the adaptation is not only possible of the gripper itself, but also the actions are individual.

In Action

The Herga design office lightweight system can be used in almost all areas. Depending on your needs, the gripper can thus be adapted to your requirements. In our demonstration video, a freshly milled part was freed from metal residues using compressed air and then removed with a vacuum suction device. The valves integrated in the gripper can be used individually with the provided program.

Various possibilities

Thanks to the independent configuration of the lightweight system, you have the right solution at hand depending on the area of responsibility. The starter box offers a variety of options, which can also be expanded by purchasing individual parts from the Herga lightweight suction system.


The Lightweight System comes with an extensive set of accessories and small parts that provide an immediate and enable easy start.


We are sure our lightweight system offers you the perfect adjustment options.
We would be happy to advise you individually on the areas of application and expansion options.

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